My zimbra OSE server died. Hdd failure. I'm attempting to restore a backup to a new vm,

I'm changing server names, and going from a single server install to a multi-server install. I have my reasons, the setup goes like this:

Old server:
Single 32 bit server running zimbra 6.0.10 OSE.
New servers:
32 bit xen VM running everything but ldap
32 bit physical machine running ldap.

Ldap has some odd issues running in xen, this is why i did it this way.

My backup is essentially an rsync that ran nightly on the old server. It shut down zimbra, rsync'd to a second directory, once a week that was copied off site. then it started zimbra back up.

Restoring this has proved to be a little difficult. I'm sure if i just built a new server with the same name as the old one, and just dumped the data into it, i'd be fine. But i'm not doing that, i just had to complicate things not only by changing servers names, but by splitting it up into a multi-server install.

I installed zimbra in a multi-server setup, fresh and clean. Things were working.
I then took zimbra/data and copied it over top of the ldap server's zimbra/db, updated the ldap credentials with zmldappasswd, and zmlocalconfig, added enabled and installed services with zmprov ms. The ldap server appears to be working now, it starts up, i can zmprov from the ldap server, i see my old config.

The store/mta/everythingelse server is a little more complicated.
I copied zimbra/db, zimbra/wiki, zimbra/conf, and zimbra/store on top if the clean install's counterpart directories. Enabled all services (antispam, av... everything except memcached and proxy, as theyre not installed) with zmprov ms (from the ldap box). Tweaked the conf with zmlocalconfig, mainly the keystore password (as i didnt replace the keystore) and the ldap address related items.

At this moment, i can start zimbra on both boxes, all _appears_ well, until i attempt to actually access webmail, OR zmprov from the store VM.

If i attempt to access webmail, my browser just sits and spins. It doesnt timeout, it just never loads the login. Makes me think it's getting something, just not anything useful.
If i attempt to zmprov from the store/mail machine, i get the following error:
ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Read timed out, server: localhost) (cause: Read timed out)
BUT i get no errors regarding ldap when i start zimbra.

mailbox.log, zimbra.log, even jetty's logs give me nothing to go on, in fact, they dont appear to be logging at all. I have error logs from earlier on in the setup, but now theyre not appending. any new log data.

I know this is a complicated mess, but any help would be appreciated.


BTW, i AM willing to attempt a cleaner method if someone knows of one. I've thought of building a temp vm containing my old config on a single server install, and then adding in my new machines, migrating the data, and shutting down the temp vm. But i havent yet attempted that.