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Thread: zimbra 6.0.10 error with firefox 3.6.13

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    Default zimbra 6.0.10 error with firefox 3.6.13

    Hello everybody,

    i have just upgraded my zimbra from 6.0.7 to 6.0.10 on ubuntu 8.04. I try to connect to my mailbox and everything is correct with explorer but no with firefox.

    If i use firefox with the domain all the titles and button are showed as a stack, i mean one over the others, however if i use firefox but with the server ip everything is correct.

    Do you see anything like this? do you know how i can solve it?

    Thanks in advance

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    6.0.10 community edition with firefox 3.6.13

    I have the exact same issue. Works perfectly from Safari or IEexplorer but with Firefox the layout is completely broken.

    edit: and indeed, using the IP the layout is just fine.

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