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Thread: point briefcase to an existing NFS share?

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    Default point briefcase to an existing NFS share?

    I have read quite a few posts related to this topic but none answered my core question.

    is it possible to point the briefcase to a standard file structure (in our case NFS mounted) ?

    Additionally with the changes in zcs 7 (versioning/check-in-out) could we even do that if we upgraded to 7?

    Essentially we need multiple ways of accessing the data but the webdav and sharing structure of Zimbra doesn't work with our permissions schemas.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    As far as I understand, Briefcase files are not regular files in your file system. These come from MySQL BLOB fields, and via software interpreted as a file. So, probably the answer for your question is no - you can not move them to NFS share, as they reside in database. You can move your database to other server, but this is another question and necessity or performance have to be looked carefully.

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