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Thread: Some questions about Zimbra 7 NE.

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    The spreadsheet and slideshow functions are removed from 7.0 .. They are no longer going to provide those features. It's in the release notes for 7.0 under "More About ZCS 7.0 Features".

    HTML Code:
    Migration of Notebooks to Briefcase
    In ZCS 7.0, the Notebook application has been removed. When users log into 
    their accounts for the first time or receive an email message after the upgrade 
    to ZCS 7.0, their Notebook folders and pages are migrated to folders in their 
    Briefcase application. 
    The folder structure and file names do not change. The Notebook pages can 
    be edited in Briefcase using Briefcase’s document editor. The migration 
    preserves all the revision history, if it was available, including the revision date 
    and user information. Shared folders are also preserved. 
    Note:   The spreadsheet and slideshow functions are no longer available 
    It is highly recommended to create a backup of the mailbox before upgrading 
    to ZCS 7.0. In a rare case when the migration has not processed all the 
    Notebook pages in the mailbox, the old Notebook items can be retrieved from 
    the backup and manual migration can be attempted on the backup data. 
    The system wiki account is no longer used. If there is active content in the 
    mailbox of the system wiki account, log on to the wiki account after the 
    upgrade so that the Documents Notebook pages are migrated to Briefcase, as 
    the old Documents Notebook content shared with users will not be available in 
    ZCS 7.0
    none of our users are missing it - I don't even think they even knew it was there before..
    - SLM -

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    Default Spreadsheet inline editing

    There is a zimlet coming out in march that allows for excellent excel fidelity for online spreadsheet editing within zimbra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cdt27 View Post
    There is a zimlet coming out in march that allows for excellent excel fidelity for online spreadsheet editing within zimbra.
    Thats great news, what is your source if you dont mind me asking?

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