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Thread: [SOLVED] zimbra mail redirect (web) issue.

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    Default [SOLVED] zimbra mail redirect (web) issue.

    I have a ZCS OSE Multi-server install.
    It contains
    chaos - ldap server
    stimpson - store/ldap server
    interchange - store server

    The store/ldap server, stimpson, is old, and going away. I'm moving data from it to the newer ldap and store servers.

    I have zimbraMailMode on interchange server set to redirect (to https).
    However, when it redirects, it redirects to stimpson instead of just https://interchange.

    zimbraPublicServiceURL is set to interchange

    What else am i missing? I cant find reference to stimpson anywhere int he config.

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    Seems ive resolved this. I restarted zimbra, heh, must have been something stale in memory that needed a refresh.

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