I upgraded to from 6 to 7 last night. All went well except I couldn't receive mail. Manually running the postfix config command as described in this thread fixed it - http://www.zimbra.com/forums/install...l-hosts-2.html

Now I've noticed that SPAM filtering is broken. The amavis and clam services start up fine. It's behaving as if amavis isn't part of the postfix delivery chain. There are no spamassassin headers in messages and every message goes to the inbox (including the GTUBE).

Here's what I've already done to no avail:

1 - Stopped Zimbra, ran zmfixperms, started Zimbra.
2 - Noticed that master.cf was empty (the same way main.cf was, see thread linked above). I copied master.cf.in to master.cf and restarted postfix.

Please save me from the onslaught of valentine e-card spam!