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Thread: After v7 Upgrade Android HTC EVO 4G won't create activesync account.

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    Default After v7 Upgrade Android HTC EVO 4G won't create activesync account.

    We have tried to add an activesync account on two different HTC EVO 4G's running Android 2.2 without success. I've set these up before on version 6.x of Zimbra, but after our 7.0 upgrade we can no longer create activesync accounts with zimbra mobile on these phones.

    I tested setting up an exchange/activesync account on an iPad and it worked without issue. Also any phone currently already setup to sync with Zimbra Mobile seems to be working fine. Its only when creating a new account on the device.

    In the sync.log this seems to be the error I'm getting..

    2011-02-14 11:04:04,249 INFO  [btpool0-241://] [;mid=5;Cmd=Settings;DeviceID=HTCremoved;Version=12.0;] sync - Command Settings not implemented
    2011-02-14 11:04:04,249 INFO  [btpool0-241://] [;mid=5;Cmd=Settings;DeviceID=HTCremoved;Version=12.0;] sync - HTTP/1.1 501 Command Settingsnot implemented
    Anyone have a solution/fix / suggestion?

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