We currently have a multiple server setup with two main mailstores and a single archive server. We have 4000 users, and use the standard zimbra backup disk-disk for the mailstores. For now we have no plans on backing that data up any other way. for DR , we may just rely on the archive. We have seperate ldap and proxy server that gets backed up using zimbra backup, then the backup directory gets moved to tape - since the dataset is so small.

The archive server catches pretty much everything. I want to move all of this data to tape for offsite storage. Using the standard zimbra backup is not practical for this - since we use Tivoli Storage Manager, and it will have to back up the entire archive backup every night, practically. (Multiple TB of data) The easiest way would be to just back up to tape the actual stores, and mysql data.

Right now that server has multiple partitions:

/opt (contains the zimbra install, mysql data, and indexes)
/opt/archive1 (contains the actual message store)
/opt/archive2 (another archive message store for when the first one gets full)

What would be the best way of backing this up? Should I use the FOSS method of LVM snapshots - or since I have seperate partitions can I just do a mysql dump for metadata, backup static config files, and then just use tsm to backup /opt/archiveX while zimbra is running?

I was smart, and created my huge stores /opt/archiveX with LVM leaving some free space on the VG in case i want to use a snapshot for backups.