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Thread: Buddy list cleared each session

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    Default Buddy list cleared each session

    After upgrading to 7.0, all users are reporting that their buddy list for the chat application gets cleared each session. Since they use it for intraoffice communication, it's very inconvenient for them to have to re-add everyone each morning when they login. Since it's inconvenient for them, it's inconvenient for me, because I have to listen to them gripe about it at lunch. Please tell me there's a fix for this.

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    I have not yet upgraded my production server to ZCS 7 yet. However, I did upgrade a test system from 6.0.10 network with RHEL5 64bit to ZCS 7. I'm not seeing this issue. I requested and accepted a few accounts to buddy lists on three separate accounts. They do not get wiped out between logouts. they are intact even when I restart the zimbra service. As you must already know the IM service is completetly disabled when upgrading from ZCS 6 to 7. Here is the commands I used to re-enable the IM services after the upgrade from 6.0.10

    zmprov mcf zimbraXMPPEnabled TRUE
    zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureIMEnabled TRUE
    zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureInstantNotify TRUE
    zmprov mc default zimbraPrefIMAutoLogin TRUE

    After that I would suggest restarting the zimbra service using the zmcontrol stop and start command.

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    It was already re-enabled, but I tried your suggestions anyway to no avail. Interestingly enough, I did not have the problem on my test server either. The only difference is my test server is Debian 5 and production is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

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