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Thread: Admin rights, easy way to delegate some functions?

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    Default Admin rights, easy way to delegate some functions?

    I have searched around but can not seem to find an answer to this. We are running 6.0.9 NE, and we would like to have some helpdesk techs have the ability to (for example) lock and unlock accounts. We do not want them to view mail, or be able to do any other admin functions, just lock and unlock accounts.

    I have seen where I can create another admin or admin group and add them to it, but (as far as I can tell) those only cover general areas (e.g. they have access to all accounts and functions under that tab or none).

    Is there a way to delegate functions to users in zimbra (I may not be saying that correctly)? Or if I have to create a group and add people that is fine too, just some mechanism by which I could have users that have some restricted admin functions.

    Any help or links to docs would be appreciated. I seem to have found some docs at one time, but they referenced all sorts of internal names in zimbra that I had no idea where they came from... (for example, I have read these docs:Delegated Administration)

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    Bueller? Anyone? No one? Nothing?

    So no one else delegates any administrative tasks in a restrictive way?

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