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Thread: [SOLVED] com_zimbra_date doesn't work on Japanese

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    Smile [SOLVED] com_zimbra_date doesn't work on Japanese

    Hi team,

    com_zimbra_date doesn't work on Japanese in Zimbra 7.
    But I could fix this issue ans would like to share with not only Japanese people but also the other people.

    Today and Yesterday work well, but "今日", "昨日" doesn't work.
    It seems that Zimbra can't tell the Japanese words in the email messages.

    The reason is the default seeting of properties files is wrong.

    file :
    line : (NG) format.boundary = true
    line : (Correct) format.boundary = false

    I think this fix might be necessary in the other languages, such as chinese, korean, maybe.

    I could identify this by reviewing date.js

    // NOTE: can't use \b with asian characters!
    boundary = this.getMessage("format"+i+".boundary");
    if ((boundary != "" && boundary == BOUNDARY_TRUE) || boundary_all == BOUNDARY_TRUE) {
    pattern = "\\b"+pattern+"\\b";

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    Sorry this is not on Desktop but Network Edition.

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