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Thread: Prevent Exchange intercepting meeting invites

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    Default Prevent Exchange intercepting meeting invites


    We have a setup where we have Exchange doing mail and calendaring. I have just set up Zimbra to offer an alternative (and far superior, especially for those of us not running Windows) calendaring experience. Everything is working great except for one thing...

    When an appointment is created in Zimbra and the invite sent to a user, Exchange intercepts this and gives a link to its own webmail calendar area instead, with the result that you'll have two users with a shared appointment on different calendar systems. Is there a way to change the format of the invite to not have this happen? (Not sure exactly what content is triggering it, but I imagine some headers or something.)

    Running 7.0 GA.

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    Default More info...

    I've tried searching around the code and have found a few files that use some of the strings I see in the email, but they seem to bundle things up as SOAP requests to somewhere else -- frankly, it's very hard for me to follow the logic. Oddly, it seems like this should be using iCalendar, but searching for the relevant iCalendar keywords didn't find me anything in the bits that seem to be creating the emails.

    Can anyone suggest where I might best look to find the necessary files to modify this?


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