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Thread: Zimbra upgrading from 4.5.10 to 7.0.0

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    Default Zimbra upgrading from 4.5.10 to 7.0.0


    I'm going to evaluate upgrading of Zimbra 4.5.10_GA FOSS edition to 7.0.0_GA FOSS (under Red Hat RHEL 5.5).

    I've seen that there is some reference about upgrading from 4.x to 5.x or later:

    Rolling Upgrades for ZCS - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Can this apply to upgrading directly to 7.0.0?

    Many thanks in advance!


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    You can't upgrade directly from 4.x to 7.x, you'll need to go to ZCS 5.x first. Details of the upgrades are always available in the Release Notes, unfortunately there' no direct link on the download page for notes earlier than version 5.0.18 - I'd suggest you download that and read it carefully. Details of the upgrade process (including which versions you can/should move to) are on page 27 of the notes. Start with reading those notes and if you have any questions (I'm sure you will) then post again.

    Obviously the usual proviso is attached, take plenty of backups before each upgrade process and make sure Zimbra is working correctly before going to the next upgrade step.


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