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Thread: "Search Mail" finds nothing

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    Default "Search Mail" finds nothing


    On my testserver with Network Edition 7.0 i've activated/installed the Archiving Option:

    zmprov ms +zimbraServiceEnabled archiving
    The Archiving Service is running:

    [zimbra@zbr ~]$ zmcontrol status
    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    archiving Running
    I've installed the xmbsearch Zimlet. Every search i'm running in the Admin Console under "Search Mail" gives no results back. I've made several simple search jobs so i'm pretty sure it's not because of the search filter (i've tried differnent simpley searches like date,from,to etc.). The directory "Search Results XMB" is created in the target mailbox. Also i receive the mail notification after the search and i see the job as finished in the Admin Gui. But always with results "0"...

    If i do a normal search within the Mailbox with the same search parameters i can find mails.

    In the log i can see (as an example from one search jobs) :
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,811 INFO [btpool0-4://] [;mid=2;ip=;ua=Zim braWebClient - FF3.0 (Win);] soap - CreateXMbxSearchRequest
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,826 INFO [Thread-159] [] misc - Account 6d49a6ce-9417-43c1-b32a-494bd96c3d2f is local
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,826 INFO [Thread-159] [] misc - Account id 6d49a6ce-9417-43c1-b32a-494bd96c3d2f, mailbox id 44
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,826 INFO [Thread-159] [] misc - CrossMailboxSearch is searching local server for mailbox
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,826 INFO [Thread-159] [] misc - CrossMailboxSearch is searching remote server for mailbox
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,827 INFO [Thread-159] [] misc - CrossMailboxSearch across 1 servers
    2011-02-23 10:03:17,833 INFO [btpool0-4://] [;mid=44;ip=;ua=zcli ent/7.0.0_GA_3077;] soap - GetFolderRequest
    2011-02-23 10:03:18,003 INFO [btpool0-12://] [;mid=2;ip=;ua=Zim braWebClient - FF3.0 (Win);] soap - GetXMbxSearchesListRequest
    2011-02-23 10:03:18,253 INFO [btpool0-4://] [;mid=44;ip=;ua=zcli ent/7.0.0_GA_3077;] soap - CreateFolderRequest
    2011-02-23 10:03:18,257 INFO [btpool0-4://] [;mid=44;ip=;ua=zcli ent/7.0.0_GA_3077;] mailop - adding folder Suchergebnisse xmbx: id=24201, parentId=1.
    2011-02-23 10:03:18,311 INFO [Thread-159] [] misc - Cross mailbox did not find any results from: (john keller) is:anywhere

    Any advice regarding this issue?
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    So i've found out that the zmmboxsearch on shell works (i'm assuming that the zimlet "Search Mails" for cross mailbox search is using this command)


    zmmboxsearch -m -q "is:anywhere before:today from(" -d /var/tmp

    But i saw that there is very little documentation about how to use zmmboxsearch ( Especialle the arguments for the -q parameter are poorly documented.

    Anyway; i could live with that but i would like to dump the mails which i found into another Mailbox. I mean if the zimlet provides this option i'm assuming that this should have to work somehow on console (surely i've rather like to use the zimlet for cross mailbox searches..).

    It looks to my, also regarding a forum search, that this cross mailbox search is rarely used by zimbra admins...

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