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    Thank you for the advice. I have been thinking of upgrading the Zimbra version, but it has been so nice since I got it working smoothly, I am afraid to tinker with it! ) Luckily I would only have to migrate about 10 accounts, it's the potential downtime that worries me more, as I am not an expert :/ Knowing you guys are out here to help gives me encouragement though, and I thoroughly enjoy digging into this new territory! I have reviewed the documents in the wiki regarding backing up data and migration, any last words of wisdom before I jump in headfirst?! ) Like I said, small office, 10 users. Also should note the Ubuntu box is running Bind9 for DNS as well as the Zimbra.

    edit: while preparing for upgrade, i read that any existing database errors could become more complicated, can your give me some advice on this database integrity report?

    Database errors found.
    /opt/zimbra/mysql/bin/mysqlcheck --defaults-file=/opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf -S /opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock -A -C -s -u root --password=(removed for security)
    error : Corrupt
    error : Corrupt
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