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Thread: [SOLVED] Removing a server

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    Default [SOLVED] Removing a server

    I set up some servers to test the installation of Zimbra. I did that so I could learn about any issues - without doing it in a live environment (and making the users mad at me).

    I set up two servers - the first one with everything (ldap, mail storage, mta, snmp, logging etc ). The second one with ldap replication, mta, and snmp. Everything was working well. (ldap replicated, and the mta transferred email)

    Then I wanted to see what would happen if I removed the second server. I un-installed zimbra on the second server ( -u) but the second server name still shows up in the administration web interface. How do you get the first server to "forget" the server that I removed?

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    Default found it!

    zmprov deleteServer

    Removing A Mailstore - Zimbra :: Wiki

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