Hi everyone

Today I upgraded zimbra from
6.0.10_GA_2692.RHEL5_64_20101215161355 CentOS5_64 NETWORK edition
7.0.0_GA_3077.RHEL5_64_20110127190222 CentOS5_64 NETWORK edition

Everything appeared to go fine.
Had a few zimlet installation failures but I always had those under 6.0.10 anyway. And they were zimlets that I would disable straight away anyway.
Our commercial SSL cert was preserved ok, which is a problem I've had on previous upgrades.
And I didn't get the empty postfix main.cf issue that other users have reported.

So I loaded up the admin console and started going through the settings to make sure that things were set correctly.

Then I noticed under the server, the MTA tab, that the MTA Trusted Networks box was highlighted in yellow with a button saying "Reset to global value"... see attachment.

When I check MTA Trusted Networks under global settings, it shows the same value:
Which I believe is correct per this in the wiki... ZimbraMtaMyNetworks - Zimbra :: Wiki

When I run postconf mynetworks as the zimbra user I get the following output...
mynetworks =

So when I click the button for "Reset to global value", the highlight goes away and the value stays the same. Since it's already the same as the global value.

But then when I try and save the change to the server settings, I get the following error (see 2nd screenshot):
Message: Error! Value for MTA Trusted Networks must contain local network interfaces: {0}.
Additional information about MTA Trusted Networks configuration can be found at http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Zi...

Anyone got any ideas as to how to sort this out or what's going on?
Zimbra seems to be operating normally but just wanted to try and get to the bottom of this error.

Cheers, B