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Thread: [SOLVED] Send mails from external account trough Zimbra

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    Default [SOLVED] Send mails from external account trough Zimbra

    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to Zimbra but managed to install the ZCS community edition 7.0.0_GA_3077 on Ubuntu 10.04 Server. Sending and receiving mails works just fine.

    My Problem:
    It is quite easy to get Zimbra to fetch mails from external mail accounts (via POP3 or IMAP) but in addition to that I would like to send mails "from" these external accounts.

    My Zimbra account:
    Some external account:

    I set up postfix as described in this post
    By doing this postfix can send outgoing mails to different relay servers depending on the mail address they originate from. I verified this using telnet (localhost port 25) on the Zimbra server. Works great, meaning if I send a mail from postfix automatically relays it to instead of sending it to the default relay server of my domain hoster.

    But if I send a mail using the Zimbra Web-Client and choose an external account as the origin of my mail (e.g. Zimbra substitutes the "from" address of my mail for the address of my Zimbra account ( This causes postfix NOT to send the mail to the "right" relay host. BTW I already checked "Allow sending email from any address" in the preferences.

    Is it somehow possible to prevent Zimbra from substituting the "from" so that postfix could route the mail to the right relay host? I'm very grateful for any pointers!

    Tanks in advance!

    Found solution here Bug 40731 – Wrong MAIL FROM in SMTP dialog when using a Persona

    SMTP behavior now switches based on the value of
    zimbraSmtpRestrictEnvelopeFrom. When it's set to TRUE, we force
    MAIL FROM in the SMTP session to be the address of the account.
    When it's set to FALSE, MAIL FROM is set to either the Sender or
    From header value in the outgoing message, in that order.
    zmprov mc default zimbraSmtpRestrictEnvelopeFrom FALSE
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