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Thread: Merging Zimbras and migration to Zimbra 7

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    Default Merging Zimbras and migration to Zimbra 7


    I am running Zimbra 6 FOSS and looking to migrate to Zimbra 7. At the moment, I have two separate Zimbra installation ( and having historically separate domains and infrastructures) and we're using to migration opportunity to merge both domains into a single installation domain ( with two mailbox servers in a multi-server setup.

    Can someone outline the steps to follow to perform such an import ? I could install new servers and import existing users and mailboxes, but it would require migrating the storage and it would force a longer downtime than I'd like. Is there a way to do that by upgrading/reconfiguring the existing installation?

    Thank you in advance.

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    As I realize my initial post wasn't very clear, here are what I am trying to do. Upgrading process went fine.

    I have with its own installation (MTA+LDAP on one server, mailbox store on another server) and with the same setup.

    Both domain will soon be merged into a and I'd like to merge them with the minimal amount of effort.

    First method I considered was to rename into and just import users and mailbox from into the new architecture. It will be my last resort solution as it involves moving a lot of data around, and domainA and domainB aren't physically in the same location.

    I am considering renaming into (keeping users and mailbox in their place) and reconfiguring mailbox server to become a mailbox server linked to's LDAP server, then import account (not mailboxes) into's LDAP, specifying that their mailboxes should be kept on the server where they are currently. And somehow I hope the imported accounts will carry enough data to find them without having to move them around.

    Is it possible? Or does mailbox importing works totally differently?

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