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Thread: Mailman + Zimbra and strange logs conflict.

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    Question Mailman + Zimbra and strange logs conflict.

    I have a problem when restart zimbra with mailman integrated. After the restart mailman doesn't work until I stop zimbra and remove all logs (all files) in /opt/zimbra/log and start zimbra again.

    review of restart process:
    -stop zimbra
    -stop mailman
    -delete all files in /opz/zimbra/log
    -start zimbra
    -start mailman
    All Ok.

    If I don't erase all log files before starting zimbra all emails to mailman lists are removed by postfix.

    There is something wrong but I cant understand.

    My system is redhat 5.5 with zimbra 7 64bit and mailman 2.1.14 compiled.

    Sorry for my english.
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