Can someone with a Mac kindly try to reproduce this problem please on ZCS7? If verified I'll file a bug report.

The Apple-LeftArrow key combination in most Mac apps moves the cursor from the middle of the line to the beginning. In Firefox, that's the shorcut for the Back button.

Email Compose Behavior OK
When composing a new email, if you hit Apple-LeftArrow before the first autosave, the browser goes back but the Compose window and all you had already typed remains. After the first autosave, Zimbra prompts you to send, delete or discard the message, as if you were trying close the Compose window.

Briefcase Document Edit Behavior Not OK
When composing a new Briefcase document on ZCS 6.0.10, if you hit Apple-LeftArrow all changes to the document since the last Save are lost. Unlike in Email Compose, Zimbra provides no warning.

If this is reproduceable on ZCS7 I would consider this a bug; I doubt that Zimbra will fix this on ZCS6.

Can anyone with a Mac reproduce this on ZCS7?