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Thread: Upgrading 6.0.10 with shared documents

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    Default Upgrading 6.0.10 with 10gb+ shared briefcase files

    I've got a user account called "shared" and it is just that. I have calendars and briefcase folders that are shared with many people. Several of the shared briefcase folders have a few gigs worth of PDFs and one has nearly 12gb. The calendars aren't too bad, but they are widely used.

    Is there a possibility of data loss or any issues resulting from the merging of Documents and Briefcase? I've read a couple horror stories so far and if possible would like a bit of feedback from others who might have already upgraded.

    Thanks for the assistance.
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    FWIW our plan at the moment is to migrate all of the old-style wiki Documents to Briefcase Documents first, before upgrading to 7. We and our clients rely way too heavily on Documents to be without any of them for anything longer than what it takes to do an upgrade.

    I also created a bugzilla item Bug 56898 – Briefcase: Make Documents Converter Script Available To Run Before Upgrade item asking that the Documents-to-Briefcase converter included as part of the ZCS7 installer be broken out as a separate utility and made available to run on ZCS6. That way, we could automate much of the conversion and just deal with Documents which failed to convert--while still having access to them under ZCS6. You can vote for the bug here if you wish. :-)

    Hope that helps,

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