Freshly installed zcs-4.0.2_GA_362.FC5.tgz on FC5 within VMWare virtual server on XP host.

I've read every thread I can find with the same or similar problems, but nobody seemed to have a real answer as to how they fixed this. I'm experiencing the problem where I've configured my GAL as an external AD (W2K3), and my test is "successful", but my results are blank. I'm also not getting any results when logging in as a user and searching the GAL.

GAL mode: External
Most results returned by GAL search: 100
Server type: Active Directory
LDAP URL: ldap://
LDAP filter:*
LDAP search base: dc=aspenres,dc=local
Use DN/Password to bind to external server: Yes
Bind DN: cn=tmadden,ou=gw,dc=aspenres,dc=local
Please provide a search term: mad

GAL Test Result
Test Successful
Search result:
Email Address:
Full Name:

I'm also using the same AD as my Authentication, and this seems to be working. I created a tmadden account in Zimbra, did not enter a password, and then successfully logged in using my AD username/pw.

Summary of authentication settings:
Authentication mechanism: External Active Directory
AD domain name: aspenres.local
LDAP URL: ldap://
Please provide username and password to test the authentication settings
User name: tmadden
Password: password

[root@zimbra bin]# ./zmprov gd
# name
dc: zimbra
o: domain
objectClass: dcObject
objectClass: organization
objectClass: zimbraDomain
zimbraAuthLdapBindDn: %u@aspenres.local
zimbraAuthLdapURL: ldap://
zimbraAuthMech: ad
zimbraDomainType: local
zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter: adAutoComplete
zimbraGalInternalSearchBase: DOMAIN
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: co=workCountry
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: company=company
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: description=notes
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: displayName,cn=fullName
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: givenName,gn=firstName
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: initials=initials
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: l=workCity
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: objectClass=objectClass
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: ou=department
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: physicalDeliveryOfficeName=office
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: postalCode=workPostalCode
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: sn=lastName
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: st=workState
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: street,streetAddress=workStreet
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: telephoneNumber=workPhone
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: title=jobTitle
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: whenChanged,modifyTimeStamp=modifyTimeStamp
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: whenCreated,createTimeStamp=createTimeStamp
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraCalResLocationDisplayName=zimbraCalResLocati onDisplayName
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraCalResType=zimbraCalResType
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraId=zimbraId
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailAlias,mail=ema il,email2,email3,email4,email5,email6
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraMailForwardingAddress=zimbraMailForwardingAd dress
zimbraGalLdapBindDn: cn=tmadden,ou=gw,dc=aspenres,dc=local
zimbraGalLdapBindPassword: <password>
zimbraGalLdapFilter: ad
zimbraGalLdapSearchBase: dc=aspenres,dc=local
zimbraGalLdapURL: ldap://
zimbraGalMaxResults: 100
zimbraGalMode: ldap
zimbraId: c373c928-d629-4b1b-9749-7d2c5223f1f2
zimbraMailStatus: enabled

My AD Domain is aspenres.local, and I've just created a new domain in Zimbra as aspenres.local with the exact same results - successful, but blank.

Anyone with any words of wisdom?