we have a few domains on Zimbra 6.0.8 NE environment, the briefcase feature works until we try to get/use the files we just stored.

There are shared briefcases on which we can store and see files, until we want to get these files back ...
So, no one can open or download any files from it. Users continually get this error:

Problem accessing /service/home/my.name@domainname.com/ThisIsAFolder/InATestfile.doc. Reason:

no such item

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and funny enough the adressed link has the original domain of the server and not the working domain! Original domain ist mail.thefirst-domain.com and the working domain is mail.thesecond-domain.com

When one goes to that shared briefcase folder, one can see the files are there, but cannot download or open them.

The Problem is that links of the second domain are still created as if they are from the first domain?

Any suggestions on this?