I am a very happy administrator and user of Zimbra 5 and 6 versions.

I am creating all my new users using the "zmprov ca" command in a shell script, but I am facing a little problem with names like Ølsen or Chaïmae.

zmprov ca s1298@domain.com Hj2cs3 displayName "Ølsen Hans"
zmprov ca s2344@domain.com H34sc3 displayName "Chaïmae James"
these two users, once displayed on the webpage or when they email people, their names are turned to ??lsen or Cha??mae.

I tried to save the shell script as UTF-8, UTF-16 and Roman using TextEdit but once the shell script is sent and run on the server, it is not creating the user firstname and lastname with the right characters.

mmh... I just had an idea: I tried to manually type the script in vi (Terminal).
lazy guy in me, I typed only one line, the first user line
and the line with Ølsen is well imported in Zimbra.
it displays the Ø and other characters é ï and cyrillic characters too.

So... I think I found where might be the glitch, but is there something that can be done on zimbra to avoid the accented characters been turned to "??" character please ?


My workstation is a Mac OS X iMac. The server is Fedora 11.