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Thread: Receiving emails for many domains

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    Default Receiving emails for many domains

    our company has registered many tld for our domains (ie.,, and so on) and i would like to receive emails from all these domains and redirect each email to particular user, let me explain it on an example:

    we have two users (user1, user2) with these emails:,
    we have these domains:,,

    What i would like to achieve is:
    - email for recipient will be delivered to user1.
    - email for recipient will be delivered to user2.
    - and so on...

    I would like to achieve this without creating many aliases for each user - what would you recommend?
    I was thinking about rewirite domains by postfix on ZCS, so that if recipient address has an "secondary" domain (.de, it will be rewriten to domain, but I dont like this solution much.
    I could make aliases on ZCS with bash & loop for each user quiet fast, but that doesn't seems to me as good global solution to have lets say 10 aliases (10 secondary tld domains) for each user.

    Thank you.


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    Maybe domain aliases?

    For example: <-- all user belong to this domain <-- alias of <-- alias of

    So emails for and will automatically go into mailbox This way no user aliases is needed.

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    John, you're absolutely right! Domain alias is what im looking for .
    For others looking for the solution, here is wiki about this topic: Managing Domains - Zimbra :: Wiki

    But I have to check the settinsg before mark this thread as SOLVED - i don't want catchall for the alias domain.

    In wiki article there is a paragraph about disabling "Email to non-existant accounts", but i dont understand it very well (I don't understand a relation between policyd and stop accepting emails for non-existant addresses in alias domains), so I will test it first and will report results into this thread .


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