I have a single account which seems to have gotten "stuck' in a state where I can neither delete it, nor can I manage it.

prov> da feedback@hempfest.org
ERROR: mail.MAINTENANCE (mailbox in maintenance mode: 18)

The account is not in maintenance mode, and I can log in to the account. When I try to edit the account in the web interface, I receive the following error:
JavaScript error encountered in method ZaAccountViewController.prototype._setView message: this._view is undefined fileName: https://mail.test.hempfest.org:7071/...v=110127192117 lineNumber: 11488 stack: ([object Object],true,(void 0))@https://mail.test.hempfest.org:7071/zimbraAdmin/js/Admin_all.js.zgz?v=110127192117:11488 ([object Object],true,(void ...

Is there any way to purge this user? What would happen if I just removed the LDAP entry? If I do that, what other cleanup would I need to do?