i don't know if someone can provide what contents are put into backup in network edition everyday?

1. email account and user's configuration?
2. user's mailbox data (only diff data??) ?
3. zimbra's config file? (e.g. /opt/zimbra/conf/* ?)
4. anything else??

frankly speaking, i'm thinking how to make similar things in open source edition?

1. email accounts and user's configuration are stored in ldap, which can be dump by using zmslapcat /target_directory, and restore it back by using slapadd command.

2. user's mailbox can only be archived by executing zmmailbox getRestURL command for each user in system. (but this is not diff backup)

3. zimbra's config file, not sure, but i guess /opt/zimbra/conf/* is necessary, what else????

4. anything else??? could somone advise on this?