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Thread: Your server's license has expired - when I installed it

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    Default Your server's license has expired - when I installed it

    I downloaded the trial version and installed it and put in the trial license key that was emailed to me. The first time I access a mailbox I got "Your server's license has expired"

    Pls let me know where I need to start looking to address this issue.


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    Check in your Zimbra Admin console: Global Settings (on left) > License (tab on right)

    This will list your license type, issue date, company, expire date, all the pertinent details. If they are not correct, definitely call your Zimbra Rep. Also during the trial, the Zimbra Tech Support is very helpful to get it set up prior to purchase. I had a similar issue a couple years back, prior to my company's purchase.
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    Your instruction was the answer. I found you had to "Activate" the license!


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