For the record, I am migrating my 6.0.10 ZCS from Ubuntu 8.04 32-bit -> Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit.

When I am installing on my new machine, I get to the point where it is setting up the domain name, and it trying to resolve the MX record for the FQN of my host. The error is "DNS ERROR resolving MX record for zimbra.<mydomain>.com

Now, I did follow the steps for setting up the DNS on the machine, and I have validated that the following two dig commands on my machines generate the same results (IP address difference obviously):
  • dig <mydomain>.com MX
  • dog <mydomain>.com any

So, I change the domain to just be <mydomain>.com then I am unable to set the SPAM/HAM email account (per the migration instructions) because on my current machine those addresses use the zimbra.<mydomain>.com domain.

Should I just ignore the error and move on? Or is there a problem I need figure out?

Thanks in advance!