Hello folks.

I apologise for starting yet another thread on the Logger / Status topic, but I cannot seem to get on top of this. Basically in all my deployments of zimbra (done 4 now) I always have problems, so it must be something I am doing.

The current situation:
OS/Server: Centos 5.5 x64, on HP DL-380G6 with 4GB Ram and Quad Core Xeon CPU
ZCS: Release 7.0.0_GA_3077.RHEL5_64_20110127201852 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.

The Problem:

Clicking on Server Status in Admin Console shows ALL red crosses.

the output of zmcontrol -v is:
Host mail.hhe.co.ke
        antispam                Running
        antivirus               Running
        ldap                    Running
        logger                  Running
        mailbox                 Running
        mta                     Running
        snmp                    Running
        spell                   Running
        stats                   Running
        zmconfigd               Running
[zimbra@mail libexec]$
Clicking on server statistics shows no data available.

I am working through: Logger (ZCS 6.0.x and later) - Zimbra :: Wiki

The output of Test 1 in the wiki is:
[zimbra@mail libexec]$ zmloggerctl status; echo $?; ps ax | grep zmlogger
10159 ?        S      0:00 /usr/bin/perl /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmlogger
10447 ?        S      0:00 zmlogger: zmrrdfetch: server
15114 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep zmlogger
[zimbra@mail libexec]$
I have run the zmsyslogsetup as root and issued zmloggertcl restart as well as zmcontrol restart commands.

Any help appreciated.