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Thread: From address problem on mobile dev's

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    Default From address problem on mobile dev's

    Hi everyone,
    Was hoping for a little insight.
    I have configured domains on zimbra, with the option for "allow sending from any email Address" enabled so that the from address does not show the zimbra part of the domain. for example shows as

    the only problem is that when mail is sent from a mobile device, it shows the "@zimbra.domain"...this does not happen when sent from outlook or any deskside app..I have not seen any option to change this or address it in any way. I am testing on a droid, and a palm but the problem spans all mobile devices it seems. Any one ever had to deal with this?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Check the from field of the raw email.

    Also what mobile device(make/model)?

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    not sure what you mean about the "raw' email..but the mobile devices are HTC EVO, Another is a palm if that helps....cant make sense of it..

    Thanks for helping

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