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Thread: Wierd Antivirus Issue

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    Default Wierd Antivirus Issue

    I've been receiving a lot of the fake emails with an infected zip file attached. The antivirus has been doing its job by stopping them and then sending me a notice that it was blocked, however I was receiving them so often that I decided to go into the admin side and turn off "Send notification to recipient". After doing that it completely killed the antivirus and antispam services, which I restarted manually and all was fine. Now the big problem is infected emails are no longer being blocked they are going straight to my spam folder with the zip file still attached. Very Strange!

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    You might try stopping & restarting Zimbra to see if it fixes your problem. Then if you have the time to reproduce the problem, and can do so, please file a bugzilla report and post the bug number to this thread.

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