I have a few executives on me to get company wide share calendars into their PDA. I worked on it most of yesterday.

We are running Zimbra 4.0.2 NE with the Outlook connector. The execs are using Outlook 2003 and Chapura PilotMirror or what ever came with their palm os devices to sync outlook to their PDA. (I have a Dell Axim using ActiveSync to Zimbra Mobile (rocks!))

I tried the open source plugin for Outlook called Remote Calendar. ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/remotecalendars/ ) Each time I tried to sync the calendar into Outlook, I received an error. Something like length attribute cannot be 0 or less. There is no attribute in the calendar data called length so I assume its an attribute that remote calendars is expecting but itsn't present in the Zimbra download.

Next I tried to combine the public URL of a shared calendar with the remote calendar viewing feature. I get the following error:

The following URL is not currently reachable:

I have also tried it using https://zimbrahost/home/user/Calendar. Either URL will deliver the calendar data if you use a browser.

Should the remote view feature be compatible with zimbra public calendars?

Is Zimbra detecting that I am attempting to do a loop back share?