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Thread: Can't delete messages in Outlook Express

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    Question Can't delete messages in Outlook Express


    I'm using Zimbra 4.0.2

    Most of our users are accessing their Zimbra mail through Outlook Express (something I expect to change once people start to realise the advantages of using the on-line client through Firefox).

    When a user selects a message in OE and clicks delete a line is drawn through the message but it stays put. I've set the Trashed message timeout to 12 hours, so I was expecting these messages to dissapear after that time but messages more than 24 hours old are still appearing, even after synchronising.

    If I open the account in Firefox and delete the message from there, then synchronise OE, the message goes. Have I missed something? Is there a way to get OE to delete messages from Zimbra mail without having to log on to the web interface?



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    Default IMAP, for good or ill

    Have the user press the "Purge" (or "Expunge") button on the Outlook Express toolbar. That will permanently get rid of all messages with a line through them.

    You're running into one of the, uh, questionable things about the IMAP protocol. Deleting things is a 2-step protocol -- first, you mark things for deletion, and later you "expunge" these marked items. Until you expunge them, they'll stick around... no matter how long you wait. All IMAP servers should work this way, because that's what the RFC demands.
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    Smile Messages purged

    Thanks DKarp, that's made the people who still use OE much happier.

    As I expected a fair number of our tutors have already started using Zimbra through Firefox (and I only finished the server 4 days ago) but some have rather old machines and using Zimbra through Firefox is a bit slow.

    This is great software, thanks to everone involved!

    Best wishes


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