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Thread: Missing folders in Standard UI after upgrade to ZCS 7.0.0_GA

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    Default Missing folders in Standard UI after upgrade to ZCS 7.0.0_GA


    I'm getting a weird issue here.
    After the upgrade to 7.0.0_GA a week ago, some -just a couple- of our users using the standard version of the UI client can't move messages into custom folders because the folder dropdown only shows the "Inbox" and "Sent" folders.

    I thought it might have been an indexing error, but actually the UI shows every folder in the folder list. (Screenshot 1)

    I tried creating a new folder in one of those accounts and, funny thing, it does appear in the dropdown. So only the old folders aren't showing up (Screenshot 2).

    Is anyone else getting this issue? I couldn't see anything like this in bugzilla
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