Dear All,
Greatings from Athens Greece.

I have succefully installed the Open Source of Zimbra 7.0.1. on ubuntu 10.04.x64.

I have 2 questions, so far.

The first has to do with the Briefcase.
In our company there is NAS. Users are connected to it and each one has its own separate folder with Username/Password. It's an EMC solution and most of our users are connecting to a Windows Domain 2003 server to authenticate and browse their shares to the EMC.
Is there a way to redirect the Briefcase (or to open a folder within and redirect that one) to another network drive, so that our users may see the files already in the NAS?

The second on has to do with the available fonts that the user may use, while composing/repling an email, using the Web User interface.
Is there a way to install more fonts so that the users have more options?

Thank you all for you time.