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Thread: hidden server (not viewable from the world)

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    Default hidden server (not viewable from the world)

    here is my setup

    have a www server thats the world connects to (
    zimbra server resides on (
    going to do mod_proxy to serve up the web_zimbra on .100:80

    dns points to the NAT address on .100 not to .150, i put relayhost=my.relay.tld in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ but no mail gets sent out,

    oh and i will also allow port imap and pop directly to .150 thats this a viable setup ?

    oh and by the way i am back..........

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    Sounds similar to my set up, where the zimbra server has a private IP address and the firewall portforwards 25 and 80 to it, allowing access from the rest of the world. I did very little on the zimbra unit to make it all work, I simply put a A and MX record on the windows domain controller DNS on the same lan pointing to the zimbra private IP.

    I notice that if the domain controller is offline then mail wont be delivered and the zimbra server cannot resolve it's own IP addresses (happened recently, two drive failiures in a raid 5 in the space of moments, argh!) but that's a problem I can ignore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riegersteve
    here is my setup

    dns points to the NAT address on .100 not to .150, i put relayhost=my.relay.tld in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ but no mail gets sent out,
    You should set up a relay host using the web admin interface, in the global settings (mta tab) or in the server settings of the zimbra mta host.


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