I have recently upgraded to Zimbra 7 and have been very impressed with this new release. Thanks for all of the hard work! I do have one question about viewing mail in the web client. You can click on the headers (e.g. From, Subject, Received) and sort the messages based on any of those criteria. However, your sorting preference is not saved when you close the web browser and then open the Zimbra client again later.

For example, some of my users like to have the latest messages appear at the bottom, while others like them to appear at the top. This is simply a matter of clicking on the Received field, but this preference is not preserved across browser sessions.

I've found numerous bug reports (27812, 1108, 7972, and 7781) which are all related to this feature, but all of them have been marked as FIXED. Has this feature been regressed in Zimbra 7? Is it possible to add this ability to save column sorting preferences for each user?