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Thread: IMAPPROXY and TOMCAT not running Problem

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    Question IMAPPROXY and TOMCAT not running Problem

    Hello everyone....

    I'm still having an occasional problem with tomcat stopping...and dropping out....

    But...I just noticed/realized...that when tomcat is imapproxy is NOT running.....and when imapproxy IS running....tomcat is NOT running...

    .....I'm thinking I got the imapproxy running on either port 110 or 143 and that is intefering with tomcat........

    1.) can I check this...???
    2.) can I then fix this..??


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    Okay....i rtfm....

    and found that I should not have the imapproxy server configured on a single server..... the admin interface gui....I blanked out the imap and pop3 proxy server port numbers and then restarted zimbra....and all seems to be very well...


    ...SELF HELP....

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