This is NE 7.0.1 and ZCO 7.0.1 .6307
I am having trouble with signature.
After upgraded to 7.0.1, when i create a signature into Outlook 2010, this signature is synced with server.
This is an issue for my customer. The signature is bigger 1024 (i was able to overcome this issue changing zimbraMailSignatureMaxLength) and it contains an imagine.
The signature is created using a word file with an imagine embedded.
This is a very common situation, besides all.
Signature with imagine embedded are not supported yet, sadly.
So, what i need now is to know the following:

how can i avoid this sync of outlook signature with webmail signature.
I mean: can i have an html flat signature on webmail and a very complex signature on outlook client?

I tried to set
 zmprov ma zimbraPrefMailSignatureStyle internet
but it does not helps.

i hope to have been clear