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Thread: [SOLVED] 24h time across server?

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    Default [SOLVED] 24h time across server?

    Is there any way in the community edition to set 24Hr time format across the sever, not per user.

    I know each user can set their personal language to English UK which gives 24hr time, but that also gives the GBP sign for currency etc.

    I have an Australian setup that wants 24Hr time. I tried mofifying the
    I18nMsg props files as well as the AjxMsg props files, btu it doesn't seem to have taken.

    Can it be done pls?

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    Sorry Folks,

    false alarm. It helps of course if you take the browser's cache into account.

    I had been logging out and back in thinking the cache wold have been cleared, but apparently it required a couple of "F5's" to clear it and refresh.

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