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Thread: how much physical disk space Zimbara will use ?

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    Default How much physical disk space Zimbra will use ?

    Hello Everyone:
    Below example is to figure out how much capacity planning we need to do in terms of PHYSICAL SAPCE on disks

    If we have 100 Emails of 1 MB Each

    Splitting the size of each email for hypothetical example:
    Aprox. 5 KB Header Text
    Aprox. 500 KB Body Text
    Aprox. 500 KB Attachment

    So how much physical disk space Zimbra will use roughly, excluding logging and stuff

    1) Aprox. 100 x 1 = 100MB or more to keep the mails in FILE STORE
    2) Aprrx. Index Size ?]
    3) Aprox. Mysql Size ?
    4) Any other space requirements for Zimbra

    If above example is not good enough then any other way we can do disk space capacity planning.
    i.e.: For every 1 GB Of Physical Email File Store how much more space Zimbra will use roughly.

    Raj S Vrach
    i2k2 Systems
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    I just did a very rough calculation on my development build and came up with about 5% overhead each for the database and index. So expect to use about an extra 10% of disk on top of the message blob size.

    If disk space is a concern, there's also an option you can set with zmvolume to compress message blobs stored on a given volume. This will allow you to use less disk space for the message store, at the expence of some extra CPU load.

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    Cool..10% is not an issue..Thanks

    If anyone else has any other real-time data on production machine where users are storing lots of searches, tags and appointments how dose that affect the storage/disk usage.


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    My settings rite now
    [zimbra@pluto ~]$ zmvolume -dc
       Volume id: 1
            name: message1
            type: primaryMessage
            path: /opt/zimbra/store
      compressed: false
       Volume id: 3
            name: message2
            type: secondaryMessage
            path: /opt/zimbra/archive
      compressed: true               threshold: 4096 bytes
    Will it be harmful in any way(speed or data integrity) for let say future backup/restore, user mail search etc.. if i compress the primaryMessage.

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