Greetings All:

We're in the midst of standardizing our email signature company wide. The Domain wide zmprov settings have been quite helpful. However as we piece together this puzzle I've come across a question.

Is it possible for outgoing messages to use the text or HTML based email signature depending on which platform the user is utilizing?

For example when someone uses the web UI, or ZCS to Outlook / the full HTML signature is fine. However if they're sending mail from a Blackberry / iPhone obviously the full signature won't fit in some cases. Even if this capability is limited to those using the mobile web UI that's fine.

I'm aware that if they're using BB/iPhone and have signatures configured in their device settings (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature on the iPhoen for example), there's no way for Zimbra to over-ride those.

I'm not hugely confident that this idea is plausible, but no harm in asking right?

Thanks everyone!

- D