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    we currently receive all our email from a remote email server through outlook.

    i set up a linux server, succesfully setting up split-dns, and getting Zimbra installed - i realize that i may have misnamed linux/zimbra installtation box as "". To set up an account, i add an account from the administrative panel. then i log in as that user and add an external account - to an external pop address. i set up domain masquarading so the reply address is not, but instead.

    Is there an easier way of dealing with this?

    id like to be able to set up an account and have it use the external pop address from the get go. how is this done?


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    When you post a message on these forums how about giving it a more meaningful title than "another question". People aren't likely to know what that means and will usually ignore your post. I'll also move this to the correct forum.


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