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Thread: Release Tracking - 7.0.x vs. 7.1.x

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    Default Release Tracking - 7.0.x vs. 7.1.x

    Can anyone comment on what is going on with the releases ?

    Lots of bugs had been earmarked for 7.0.2 - but this seems to have disappeared completely now.

    And, there is now a committed Patch list for 7.1.0 - most of which are already showing in a VERIFIED state

    Are two parallel releases 7.0.x and 7.1.x going to be maintained - or is the 7.0 release going to be replaced by a 7.1 release ?


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    I think you can take it from the Product Portal that the 7.0.1 will be the only release in that branch and that the new one will be 7.1.x (when it's released).


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