Hi Everyone,

Users on my Zimbra installation tend to view each other's shared calendars along with their own personal calendar. This is normally fine except when events with multiple attendees are created, because the same event shows up multiple times on each user's calendar.

For example, User 'Host' creates an event called 'Event1'. He then invites 'User1', 'User2', and 'User3' to Event1. Each of these users accepts the event and thus it is added to their calendars. User1 and User2 have each shared their calendar with Host. When Host goes to view his calendar, he will see Event1 listed 3 times because it is listed for his calendar, User1's shared calendar, and User2's shared calendar. These are all the same single event, but the calendar does not display it that way.

I have submitted a feature request to collapse these different listings of the same event together. However, in the meantime is there some other temporary solution I could use to clean up these calendar views?