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Thread: Disable NDR - Cleanly and Easily

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    Exclamation Disable NDR - Cleanly and Easily

    I use Zimbra to run our personal servers. Not for a client or business. I need to turn off NDR as I have problems with what I think is Backscatter/NDR spam. Essentially, someone has used my personal email address as the from on spams. My server is not open relay, it is just for some reason they used my email address. So I am receiving literally thousands of NDR messages.

    I have tried using the backscatter how to for postfix and changing bounce emails to discard in the postfix to no avail. Any other thoughts?

    I just want NDR turned off to completely alleviate this problem.

    Release 5.0.12_GA_2789.RHEL5_64_20090126051426 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition

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    considering that v5 is nearing EOL on the 31st of this month...i would highly suggest upgrading to 6 or 7 then seeing if this is more easily solved in a newer version.

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    I am also received 100's of NDR's backscatter now per day all of a sudden.. What was the resolution to this?

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