Hi there! Long time lurker first time question asker.

I run a small-medium sized environment with 2 proxy servers and 7 mailstores. I recently heard that users whose accounts are on one of the mailstores are missing email between 3/17 and 3/28.

There were a few changes on the mailstore made on 3/28.

1: I changed the username field for the login screen in ZmMsg.properties
2: zmcontrol stop/start a few times.
3. moved 1000 accounts from this mailstore to another. Btw, none of the accounts that have this issue were moved.
4. made firewall changes so that this server could talk to all the other servers over TCP 7071/8080/8443.

None of these changes would make some accounts on that server lose 10 days of mail, but here I am.

Here's what I've done so far:

- re-indexed the problem accounts with no improvement
- checked via CLI the messages in the accounts and confirmed that they are not there.
- checked the health of the mysql db
- placed a ticket with Zimbra Support.

Anyone got any ideas on what to look at next while I wait for a response from Zimbra?