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Thread: Service snmp stops, then starts on mta

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    Default Service snmp stops, then starts on mta

    So, I have a multiple server setup with two mta's two ldap's and two mbox servers. A while back one of my mbox servers had a problem where the snmp service would stop at night and not start back up. The problem was a process that was left behind for some unknown reason...

    Now, I seem to be having a similar problem on an mta server. I keep getting a message every night that the snmp service has stopped. When I go to the box and check with zmcontrol status, it is running. A zmstatctl status shows that it is running, as well as a ps. However, I have caught it a few times when it was not running. I did not see anything strange on the box, and a zmcontrol or zmstatctl can restart it. I am not sure where to look further for information on this. The logs on the mta don't seem to show anything about it.

    Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know where I should start looking (a log I am not aware of or something)? I am running out of zimbra support tickets to use ... (why
    I am limited to the number of _email only_ tickets when we pay tons of money for support... ugh).


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    Didn't they restart themselves within a minute or two?

    I do observe some services would restart in the morning occasionally. Mostly with v5.x-6.x. With 6.x happen much less. They auto restart 99% of the time. Only recall have to manually restart like 2 times.

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    I'm getting this randomly, sometimes a few times a day, sometimes not at all. There are several mentions of this on the site, but I never see any resolutions. Anyone have a clue? I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit. I can't help but wonder if it's related to the 64-bit-ness. At work, we're on 7.1.1 NE, but stuck on Ubuntu 9.04, 32-bit, and the problem isn't happening there.

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